How Your Work Life Can Benefit Your Personal Life

Most of us spend the majority of our adult life working for various reasons. We have a mortgage to pay off and a family to feed so it is obvious we need regular income in order to provide this. Many people try to separate their working and their personal life as much as possible to avoid bringing the stresses of the workplace home with them. A good work/life balance is essential and there are many things one can do in order to use what they learn and experience at work, to improve their personal life. We will look at what some of these are:


Better organization

Let’s face it; it’s easier and more motivating to be organized when your livelihood depends on it. Being punctual and organized in the workplace are essential if you want to work efficiently but it’s strange how many people seem to not be able to transfer this into their personal life. I have encountered a few people who have everything in order while they are working, but as soon as they clock-out they seem in disarray.

Many workplaces provide you with the tools to be organized, for the benefit of the business, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to continue this when the workday comes to a close. For example, room scheduling software found in an office is used for booking meeting rooms with ease, amongst other things. Why not use smartphone applications for your everyday life in order to get you organized too? There are many free options available such as to-do lists and personal organizers that can help you plan your days; from exercise routines to shopping lists, the opportunities are endless!


Improve your skills

Many of us use skills we have honed through employment in our personal life, often not even noticing! If you are a salesperson you may find your negotiating skills have come along leaps-and-bounds through your day-to-day work. Obviously while negotiating with a customer is different than with a family member, these skills can be beneficial when negotiating lets say, cheaper rent or mobile phone plan. A labourer will find skills they have learnt on site to be extremely useful at home, negating the need to hire someone else to redecorate, for example.

It is clear than sometimes the line between work and home can be blurry, and in todays world it is almost impossible to separate the two completely. But then again why would you want to when the skills you learn from one can benefit the other?

Importance should be placed on maintaining a good work/life balance where each does not encroach on the other to the point where it is detrimental to you.