Helpful Productivity Tips for Freelancers

There are more freelancers out there than ever before. This is great news for clients as they can take advantage of those with specific skills without having to hire them full-time, and freelancers as the amount and variety of jobs now available is enormous. Increased internet connectivity worldwide has seen many online businesses pop up and with it a soaring demand for workers with digital skills. From social media managers to graphic designers, while there is intense competition from people with such skills, there is also a proportionate increase in people looking to hire them. Below we shall look at a few productivity tips for freelancers to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

1) Choose to work in a conducive environment

Being a freelancer often means you can choose where you want to work from. Some may choose to work from home, others a coffee shop or even their local park. Often these places are not the most productive because of distractions or lack of connectivity. Let’s be honest, working from a desk in an office often yields better work results than working from your noisy local Starbucks.

Consider renting a seat or a room in a local coworking space. These are usually very flexible and affordable making it a good option for freelancers who want a good environment to focus on their work. Many have systems for conference rooms that allow you to book rooms in advance and remotely if ever you need to get together with others for a conference call.

2) Use productivity apps

This is a no-brainer, right? There are many apps out there for your computer or phone that will help you organise and work more efficiently. If you often have many tasks to do in a day, consider using a to-do list app that you can access from all your devices, that way you’ll never have an excuse for forgetting to complete a task. If you are working in teams, you may want to use apps such as Trello that are great for project and task management not just at work, but as much so in life. Tasks are not just shown as plain, boring notes, but you can also include visual boards making them much more interesting and memorable.

3) Take a break

This might seem counterproductive but what use are you if you are working burnt out? Not only will your work be sub-par but you will be taking longer to complete tasks. Talk about inefficient! Get used to taking 5-10 minute breaks every hour and giving your eyes a rest if you are constantly staring at a screen; trust me, your eyes will thank you for it. During these breaks do make an effort to actually relax so you are more refreshed when you get back to work. Avoid taking breaks that are longer than this as they may ruin your momentum.

4) Plan ahead

By starting off your day with an understanding of what needs to be completed, you will be able to mentally prepare yourself for what is in store. Planning ahead will ensure you use your time more efficiently, allowing you to complete more work and to a higher standard.