Climate Change Is Real – How To Limit Your Contribution To It

For those that are still adamant that climate change/global warming is a myth, I direct you to the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing throughout the world these past few years. In early 2019 alone, the US has been experiencing extreme weather conditions, in areas that usually don’t expect these. Areas in Africa and Asia that are used to extremes such as droughts and heavy rain, are now experiencing these even more intensely and for more prolonged periods. Here are a few steps anyone can take to reduce their contribution to climate change. If everyone was to even make one of these steps a habit, it could make a real difference.


Walk wherever you can

Although it really does help choosing public transport over private vehicles, reducing motor vehicle usage on a whole could make a big effect on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. By walking to places within a 30 minute distance instead of taking a vehicle, not only would you help reduce demand for motor vehicles (especially in highly urbanised areas), but you would be improving your health. I myself try to adhere to this regardless of the weather; throwing on my womens rain jacket is often enough for me to brave the rain, comforted by the thought that I am reducing my carbon footprint.


Don’t buy fast-fashion clothing

You may not realise it but all those cheap garments being produced for amazingly low prices, do come at a price. The amount of water used and carbon produced throughout the whole manufacturing process is a huge contributor to global warming. If we all invested in higher quality items that lasted longer and even wore second-hand clothing, we could collectively reduce the demand for fast-fashion, and slow the manufacturing and its effects in turn. Five years ago I bought a relatively expensive womens waterproof jacket that I still have to this day. While it may have cost me a lot at the time, the amount of times I have worn it mean I have extracted way more value from it than cheaper clothing I have only wore a handful of times.


Reduce your meat consumption

If you don’t reduce or give up meat for the health benefits, think of the effect it is having on the planet. The number of cows being raised for slaughter is directly related to the huge amounts of methane (one of the major greenhouse gases) being released into the atmosphere. By reducing demand for meat we can directly reduce the amount of methane being emitted.

As you can see, the steps to take in order to reduce our contribution to climate change aren’t exactly life-changing, but if every person was to change their habits and mindset, this could have an incredible impact. Even slow and slight implementations of these steps could benefit the earth, which is obviously struggling with the effects climate change.