Boss Tips – How to Keep Track of Your Employees During Working Hours

When small businesses start, much of the work tends to be quite unorganised. If it is a one person business, that person will usually have to work each of the roles needed, but this could mean they are being spread too thinly. Once you have employees, you can then start to delegate tasks to focus on your strengths, but this will also mean you need to start keeping track of your employees. Whether this means the amount of hours they are working or the work they are doing, you will need a procedure in order to analyse their work effectively, without interfering. Below are some tips on how you can keep track of your employees during working hours.

1) Install a meeting management system

This usually comprises of hardware – a display system, and software – that runs the management program. Together they combine to form a meeting management system, with the purpose of being able to track who attends meetings as well as the facilities being used. Check out an easy management system from Pronestor that effectively keeps tracks of all your employee’s meetings in one place, as well as giving you the capability to book rooms and organise meetings.

2) Use a time-tracking software

There are various apps on the market that once installed on devices, can track and monitor usage. Wondering if your freelancer billing you for 8 hours work was really the case? Ask them to install such software and to run it everytime they work and you will almost certainly see a different result.

Such software is not very invasive, but it does encourage the user to become more productive. You’ll definitely have less situations where employees are caught spending hours on social media or Youtube.

3) Have an electronic entry and exit system into the office

Are your employees being honest about the time they are getting to the office? Are they asking their colleagues to check them in when they are running late? Installing an electronic entry and exit system in the office will give you much more certainty in who is coming and going and at what time exactly. This is especially useful when the entrance and exit are not being manned by security or a receptionist.

4) Use web-based software

Using web-based software such as Google Docs and Sheets makes it much easier for multiple people to work on a project thanks to the real-time tracking available. Edits can be made which will update immediately for all those it is shared with. This is also an effective way of ensuring work is being done in a timely manner. Employers can use such software to ensure that work is being completed, without interfering in the actual process.